About Us.

How it started?

Drishti is a professional organization that has been serving mainstream schools as well as the special education needs population since 1994. We strongly believe in the philosophy of Inclusive Education.

A team of highly qualified and well trained psychologists, special educators and other therapists utilize robust systems and processes to deliver services that are constantly monitored for expected outcomes. Our services include psycho-educational assessments, diagnostics, therapies,school counselling and remedial education.

Drishti is one (of two) recognized agencies in Maharashtra state by ICSE board for Psycho-Educational (LD/ADHD) assessments. Our reports are also accepted by all other educational boards- CBSE, CIE, IGCSE, IB.

Ethical by choice

Genuine interest in all that we do

To serve with integrity

Learning and evolving constantly

Unity in thought and action


Drishti is empowered by 40 professionals, mostly women. She has worked extensively in the field of Psychology and Special Education since 1986. Her profile of work includes psychological and educational assessments, Special Education (Learning Disabilities) & Behaviour therapy across the developmental span of childhood and adolescence. She is also engaged in teacher training, parent awareness, and student enrichment programs. Research papers in the relevant field have been presented at various National seminars and at International seminars at Singapore, Beijing & South Africa. She is currently the Hon. Secretary (2012-15; 2015-18) of the Bombay Psychological Association, Mumbai.

Dr. Desai, with her team at Drishti, looks forward to increasingly devoting her experience & expertise to quality education programs for children all across the country with Special Education Needs at affordable costs. Online and other teacher and parent training programs are all geared towards that goal.


Ph.D in Educational Psychology from Mumbai University
M.Ed degree credits in Special Education


A Social enterprise striving to impact mental health of each and every child in the school environment across different regional locations. Partnering with dedicated professionals and enabled by technology we aim to scale to make difference.


Creating a significant social impact by enhancing well being of children and their families, and feeling great about it! CORE VALUES: Ethical by choice, Genuine interest in all that we do, To serve with integrity, Learning and evolving constantly & Unity in thought and action.


Mother of a 9 year old SEN child undergoing remedial therapy

It has been almost 3 years that we have been with Drishti. At the time of joining Drishti, our son was extremely shy, timid and lacking in confidence (and) with almost no concentration. I too was disoriented as to which way to go and which was the right way (for us)…We could see an increase in concentration levels within a few months…awareness regarding responsibility started developing…


Shakti has achieved most of the goals dscussed and RE helping her a lot in school studies. She is able to do it better this year however the writing skills needs little more stress.

Mother of a SEN child undergoing remedial therapy

Its almost 2 years since our daughter joined Drishti…now you just have to look at her. She has changed. She is confident, mixes with people, answers questions with confidence in every subject…even her writing and thinking skills have improved. She has begun taking interest in her studies…she still has hard work to do but now I know she will do it…I now have hope (and confidence)…