Stories Of Trust And Friendship

By Nirali Hundiya –  Developing a balance between trust and boundary setting is what I strive for as a School Counsellor.  I would like to share two short instances of these values in action in my work with the students.  Friendships: Agreeing To Disagree One of the concerns that was constantly coming up in  7th … Read more

Co-Creating Happiness

  By Sanober Memon –  “Nothing in the world is going to change unless people care like you” was the farewell note given to me by X, a 17 year old student at the end of  her therapy in Drishti. She used to see me twice a week for 6 months for Depression and Generalised … Read more

A For Autism

By  Ms. Anvesha  Fomra –  Being a psychologist comes with the great responsibility of shaping a child’s future. But what makes our role different from other professions is that when we do make a positive difference in a child’s life, it soothes and satisfies our very souls as well! The motto in Drishti states: Creating … Read more

Psychological Wellbeing During Exams

By Ms. Sweetie Jain Birla (Psychologist and Counsellor) – “Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go, they merely determine where you start”. –  Nido Quben We all face tension when we hear the word “EXAMS” as it triggers the fear of failure within us and the expectations from ourselves as well as of … Read more

Shadowing Successes

By Ms. Madhura Gurav In my previous job, I was working as a shadow teacher for this 2nd-grade boy. He was not diagnosed but had manifestations of LD. He was unable to catch up with his peers and there were accompanying behavioral concerns such as anger and stubbornness. I was working with him for around … Read more