Because Mental Health Matters Too


Some months back I was reading news about Simone Biles, the famous gold medalist taking a step back from the finals as she was facing mental health issues. A lot of discussion took place post that, especially in the youths.  I feel this news stood as a significant event which sensitized everyone about the importance of mental health. 


Simon, 24-year-old is an American artistic gymnast, has been through a great hardship, 

Simone Biles trained almost 6 hours a day to progress toward her goals. She has won multiple gold medals at a very young age. She stands a clear example that mental health, along with the physical health matters too. 


There are some incidents in our lives where we work toward achieving a particular goal, let say scoring great marks in the final exams, we would study day and night to achieve it. Some even make a huge comptonization over their social life and overall health to achieve the targeted marks. And finally, when one does achieve that target goal but at the end instead of feeling good, they end up feeling mentally tired and exhausted. Hence it is very much important that we also focus on on mental health and well-being whilst we achieve the other significant goals in our life. Because if we don’t then even when we achieve the highest of Our goals, we end up exhausting or mental resources and the well-being which takes a great toll on our mental health.


It is good to see that now a days people are getting more cautious about their mental health. Many famous celebrities have also advocated for their mental health. The famous Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone had mentioned in one of her interviews on how she dealt with the clinical depression, even at the times when her career was at the highest peak and she was receiving multiple awards for her acting skills and the performance.

Although the mind and body are often viewed as being separate, mental and physical health are actually closely related. Good mental health can positively affect your physical health. In return, poor mental health can negatively affect your physical health


These days we fortunately see many people giving importance to their mental health along with their physical health.


Here is how you can take care of Your Mental as well as your Physical Health

To be able to improve your general well-being, one should take care of both your physical as well as their mental health. 

Here are some ways to take care of yourself physically and mentally: 

  • Regular exercise- Exercise is important for keeping physically fit, but it can also help improve your mood. As it helps release the happy hormones.  
  • Eating a healthy diet – A diet high in fruits and vegetables and low in processed sugars or fats can make you feel better physically and mentally. One can consult a professional’s suggestions for the same. 
  • Avoid alcohol and other drugs – Although drinking and smoking may make you feel better in the short term, they can have a negative effect on both your physical and mental health.
  • Getting enough sleep – A good night’s sleep is around seven to nine hours for adults. You can also take a 30-minute nap during the day to feel more alert.
  • Try relaxation techniques – Meditation, deep breathing, and focusing your thoughts can all help when you are feeling stressed. 
  • Seek help from the professionals – many a times we talk to our friends and family about the issues and the distress that he might be facing but sometimes the distress is beyond the capacity of our friends and family to help us with. Hence it is very much important that we seek the help of a professional. 


When we talk about self- care, we usually think about spending time with our friends, taking a day off from our work, and pampering ourselves but it is very important that these days we should start focusing more on our mental health and well-being. Mental health is as important as physical health. Just like we exercise daily to maintain our physical health it is very much important that we take care of our mental health using the different strategies suggested by the professionals. 

It is alright to seek help from professionals that do not make anyone weak, but talking about their weakness and the stressful events can show the strength one is carrying. 


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