Career Guidance

Success is a relative term and would be unique to each individual. Working toward a successful career choice would thus be uniquely defined for each person and be determined by evaluating the following key predictors:

  • Aptitude
  • Interest
  • Personality

Career Counselling is a process which would help the child to understand and realize his area of interest and potential in the occupational world. This would help to decide on the right educational, career and life choices.

Our psychologists use well researched and highly standardized assessment tools to investigate these areas for each individual and create an insightful report that gives recommendations on possible career/educational choices. They will also guide the student you on how to further explore these choices and provide very informative handouts of each of the recommended career/educational choices.

Career Guidance can be undertaken for individuals or for groups (as in schools). Career Guidance in schools would include one group consulting (for all assessed plus parent) as well as individual consulting sessions for each student-parent.

Process followed at Centre:

  • First consultation (with parent and child team)
  • Assessment sessions (with the student)
  • Report explanation and counselling (20 mins)

Process followed in School:

  • Parent Orientation Program
  • Group Assessment sessions (before the assessment there will be a 15 mins student orientation program)
  • Report explanation and counselling (parent and child)


  • Get to know the child’s personality, interests, and abilities/aptitude
  • Make the right subject / career choices based on the above