Drishti Forums

Symposium, Webinar, Support Groups, Publication

Drishti Forums exploit the power of collaboration to spread awareness, spread knowledge and encourage discussion and debate on contemporary topics within the area of behaviour and learning among Indian children.

Since over a decade, Drishti has nurtured multiple platforms for various stakeholders to participate and share their experiences. Many of these have grown into much sought after events. Some, like the Drishti Webinars are weekly, whereas others like the Drishti Symposium are annual events.

Drishti Annual Symposium

Held once each year in Mumbai, Bangalore & Pune;
A full day event with a symposium and panel discussion in the morning, followed by concurrent workshops post lunch.

Drishti Weekly Webinars
Held online each Wednesday (5-6 pm) where eminent panelists chat with each other on insightful topics & devote generous time to participant Q&A. The webinars are moderated by Dr Smita Desai.
Drishti Support Groups

Each support group is curated around a broad subject area; These focused groups of 15-20 participants meet weekly and are facilitated by an experienced Drishti subject matter expert.

Drishti Publications
“Ms How and Me” A wonderful, eclectic collection of stories from individuals who have experienced success in Inclusion. Over 40 authors include experts from abroad, central govt strategists, mental health practitioners, teachers, school leaders and parents.