Enabler Program

Today’s progressive school administrators and teachers aspire to create an inclusive learning environment. With Drishti’s expertise in special education, we enable schools to deliver quality inclusive education through our SEN School Enabler Programs. The program exploits our deep knowledge in this field and uses innovative technology solutions to empower schools achieve effective inclusion. A robust training program with a combination of web based distance learning and rigorous contact program help school teachers acquire required skills to deliver therapy for LD & AD/HD.The Program empowers the teachers to become special tutors.

Dynamic Language Development Programs

At Drishti we strive each day to put forth the best within us and seek to live on the exciting edge of the next innovation. The training and development team at Drishti design and deliver dynamic language development programs based on the requirements and continuous feedback of clients with diverse needs. We attempt to make a positive difference to the lives of children who are the focus of our mission.

Our Programs:

Remedial Education Program – Through this program, students with deficits in reading and writing skills (due to environmental as well as diagnosable learning difficulties) will be provided with structured and tailor-made intervention.

English Language Enrichment Program (ELEP) – The goal of the program is to provide students with a strong foundation in English language competency (Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing-LSRW).
Currently Drishti is working with NGO’s in Mumbai and Bangalore to serve students of Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary school.