How To Make A Difference?

By Arshiya Khan –

I would like to share my experience of working with a child who was on the spectrum of autism. The child was 14years old, struggling with his academics, behavior and sensory issues. I took up this challenge and desired to bring one possible change in his life. The child was non – verbal but could communicate in sign language very well. He taught me how I could be an effective teacher and made a difference to my teaching skills.

The troika of academics, behaviour and sensory integration went hand in hand. All the activities were carefully planned so that the child’s sensory needs could be satisfied. This was possible by using the ABA method where reinforcers were the key aspect for dealing with any behavior issues. VAKT ( Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Tactile) method was also very helpful for teaching him Mathematics and English. With the intense and continuous practice of learning and teaching, he could achieve his skill based goals in both subjects.
In English, he could write and express one word answers non – verbally . He could write words upto 8 letters independently. In Maths, he attained the concept of number line and the processes of addition and subtraction.
That was a great teaching and learning process. Wherein, I had learned things in a most creative manner and brought about a small difference in someone’s life.

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