Importance of Growth mindset to stay focused during pandemic

Growth mindset is a belief or an idea where an individual thinks, feels & believes that they have a certain capacity or an ability to figure out solutions in different situations. It is the “i can” approach instead of having the “this is too difficult i cant or wont be able to” approach. 


It is the approach where individuals believe that their talents or skills can be developed through hard work, practice, application of strategies and input from others. These individuals tend to get more things done or achieve more than those who believe in a ‘fixed mindset’. This is because people with a growth mindset do not worry about superficial qualities like looking smart or speaking well but they focus more on developing their true strengths and overcoming their weaknesses in order to achieve their full potential.


In times of such uncertainty where everything around us is a turmoil, it is very necessary to develop and apply a growth mindset. Because things around us, trends around us, difficulties around us are all changing constantly, if we live with a fixed mindset we won’t be able to adapt to these changes and that would prove to be very unhealthy for us. But if we try to develop and implement a growth mindset, it would not only help us to quickly adapt to these changing circumstances but also to be more focused and happier. It is basically like a key to the unexplored doors!


How to adapt to a growth mindset?

It is challenging to develop and adapt to a growth mindset, but once done, it does become a good addiction and a motivating factor to keep us going through challenging times. Let’s see how we can adapt to a growth mindset:

  • Change the self-talk: What we say to ourselves is extremely important in framing our mindset. A simple editing of ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’ can make tremendous progress in how we look at challenges.
  • Reflect- Identify the challenge you are facing, think about what is in your control and what is not, and shift the perspective to finding a solution rather than focusing on the problem.
  • Perseverance: Keep an attitude of try and try till you succeed and not easily give up. Keeping the goal in mind, be focused on achieving it.
  • Have an open mind: Keep an open mind about new experiences, new challenges and new ideas. The more flexible approach we will keep, it will be easier for us to move towards our goals in these uncertain times.


Once we have adapted ourselves to a growth mindset, it is easy for us to stay focused on our goals. As mentioned earlier, these are highly uncertain as well as challenging times. There are many things happening around which would distract us from our goals, demotivate us and make us feel helpless as well as hopeless. Especially if we are trying to make our career at such times when people are losing their jobs and many are losing their lives. But because human beings have the capacity to alter their perspectives, thoughts and actions, it is important to take that at an advantage and remind ourselves that ‘We can’ overcome this phase as well. It might not be possible to do it all alone and we don’t have to do it all alone! Take support wherever you feel necessary to help you give that push that you need, seek out for help if you cannot decide what to do, or if you feel you just need to clear your mind and most importantly reach out if you feel overwhelmed and need some time to take care of yourself!


To protect ourselves from the hurt and harm going around is a challenge in itself, let’s make the other aspect a little easier by adapting to the growth mindset and trying to keep our eyes on the prize that we have decided for ourselves and letting go of the baggage that is stopping us from staying focused. 

Just remember, You aren’t alone! And WE CAN DO IT!

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