Online Schooling – Impact on the Teaching Faculty

The 2019 covid pandemic has impacted many domains and sectors on global level. Where in majorly the academic sector that consists of millions of enrolled students and active teachers and faculty members, who previously used to take regular offline classes in their institutions and organisations, but due to the pandemic of Covid-19, had to stay indoors and continue with their teachings from the online platform. The online class was introduced in most of the countries, including India.

The online education platforms got its popularity amongst the working professionals and the students/ learners all over the world. Access to online learning resources has triggered a revolution in classroom settings from the Nursery grade to all the way up to postsecondary institutions. E-learning has become an invaluable resource to all the teaching faculty, harnessing a new model of knowledge where students possess the tools to learn at their own pace. Online education can be considering a student-focused approach is unique in that students now share in their educational direction, maximizing both teaching resources and time.

Last month I happened to have a short discussion session with some of the teachers, from the schools based in Mumbai, where they shared their point of views on how the online education system is affecting them. The significant aspects shared are as follows – 

  1. Self-paced learning aspect has been witnessed by most of the teachers, which provided them much needed effectiveness by allowing them to maximize the potential for individual learning approaches and styles in their classrooms. They also highlighted the fact that this approach has also allowed them and their students to work together and meet tehri academic targets. 
  2.  Theory application-based approach
    Now more than ever, children, youth, and students are accessing information and news online, communicating, sharing, and exchanging ideas and concepts via technology. Online learning enables teachers to tap into this realm of constant learning by embracing the real-world application of theory through multimedia, video, chat, and interactivity.
  3. Practicality in the educational fields 

Indian went through a major financial crush as due to the pandemic, many people lost their jobs and faced multiple issues. Online schooling was indeed a rescue for them as the teachers could continue with their teachings. The practical benefits to teachers can be measured in terms of time-based efforts and workload reduction. For example, with the help on the online teaching, teachers could quickly create subject or class tests and quizzes using a pre-existing question bank. The technology also permits the automation of marking those tests and quizzes. Practical benefits also include the ability to track the submission of digital assignments, and reuse or reconstruct a course curriculum using new course material or requirements.

  1. Access to different training and teaching programs
    The most common answer teachers gave me was this, the different course and training program they can attend online post their working hours. They believed on the fact that; the teachers are always learners. Many teachers got the opportunity to learn different teaching methodologies that can be implemented especially in the online classrooms. 
  2. The widespread shift to online learning in recent months has meant a lot of changes—for students and educators alike. While there are real challenges associated with online classes for some, my experience teaching these classes has shown me that there are very real benefits, too—from greater accessibility, flexibility, and personalization for students to more ease and depth of communication between teachers and students. I hope that students can focus on and grow with these positives in the future months of their online learning experiences

Last year has been difficult to all. For the teachers especially adjusting to the whole Online teaching was indeed a task. It is indeed an applauding task, as the Resilience which was shown by the entire teaching faculty all over the globe. The online teaching has its own downsides and its challenges, but there are plenty of benefits to be reaped from online teaching as well. 

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