Remedial, Special Education Therapy

An experienced group of nurturing educators who with unconditional positive regard, endless patience and innovative methodologies help each child with special education needs. They help deal with the complexities of their academic difficulties with greater ease and strategically carve a niche in their specific areas of excellence.

Remedial Education (RE) is a part of Special Education solutions. It is a therapy which utilizes special teaching strategies for children with different types of learning difficulties. These may include students diagnosed with Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism and other special needs. RE tries to improve upon the deficient skills of the child.
RE is provided in a structured setting in schools or therapy centres providing similar services. This can be done in a group or on an individual basis.
The areas included in RE therapy are:

Reading Skills

Writing Skills
(Spellings, Handwriting, Written expression)

Math Skills

Information Processing (perception + memory)

Study skills

Social skills

The process of receiving RE is:

IEP – An IEP is a written document which highlights the goals for the students for a given duration. The duration is dependent on the type and degree of difficulties as stated in the assessment report. Typically, an IEP is planned for a 1 year duration. The IEP must be mutually agreeable to the parents and the educator; this agreement is arrived at through an IEP meeting.

Some benefits for RE can be summed up as follows:

Management of academic skill difficulty in reading, writing, math, etc.

Improved social skills

Enhancement of academic skill in reading, writing and math

Focused attention

Transference of skills into school performance

Control in behaviour patterns.