School Counselling Program

  • School counselling is a professional activity delivered by qualified practitioners (Ref:British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy).
  • Process of counselling is utilized in the school environment for the purposes of prevention of difficulties, bringing about change, and provision of enhancement programs-thus, preventive and developmental in nature.
  • The counselling service in school extends to all the individuals who are a part of the environment: child, teacher, and parent.
  • It is a service used to monitor and support a student’s social, emotional and academic growth at each stage of development (early, middle, senior school).
  • It is an appropriate avenue for students to express difficulties/anxiety/anger in a non-judgmental environment.
  • It also includes a Program for Educational & career planning for young adults.


  • Awareness Programs
    • Orientation Programs for Parents, Students & Teachers
  • Identification
    • Referrals and Observations
    • Formal & Informal assessments
  • Intervention
    • Individual Counselling
    • Group Guidance Classes
  • Career Guidance


  • Acquisition
    • Knowledge
    • Skill
    • Attitude
  • Improvement
    • Attention
    • Attendance
    • Academic Achievement
    • Emotional/ Behavioural Management