Serving the Community Since 1994
Care By Professionals You Can Trust.


Serving the Community Since 1994
Care By Professionals You Can Trust.

Scientific Insights into Presented Complaints

Drishti conducts over 1000 individual psychological assessments and psycho-educational assessments each year, helping individuals and caregivers better understand the nature (type and extent) of problems faced. We are equipped with a vast library of highly standardized assessment tools. Drishti assessments are accepted by almost all education boards (incl international) for granting concessions/adaptations.

A Happier, Healthier You
Social adaptation challenges come in many forms and in varied context. They stem from inherent conditions such as AD/HD, Autism, or merely struggling to cope with life issues. Drishti child psychologists help patients through planned or SOS counselling therapy via a comforting and outcome oriented manner.
Overcome Hurdles in Learning
Whether you or your child suffer from Learning Disability or any form (mild or severe) of struggle with learning, our Special Educators use an advanced therapy management system (eIEP) and provide goal directed therapy.
School Counselling & other services for Special Needs
Drishti partners with schools in Mumbai, Bengaluru and elsewhere in providing in school special needs support. The support programs are built around school counselling but may also include special education, life skills guidance and other services. Our partner schools belong to various education boards – State, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, etc
Adult Stakeholder Empowerment Programs

Webinars, Courses, Workshops, eIEP.
We at Drishti recognise the critical role of caregivers in ensuring successful inclusion. Our empowerment services are directed to – parents, teachers, school leaders, therapists, students of psychology and education,etc. Drishti’s teacher training programs in counselling skills, classroom management and inclusive education are recognised as one of the best in the country. We have dedicated an entire division for this purpose, called Prabhav!

NIOS Programs for 10th & 12th grades
Whether you or your child have a diagnosed condition or are otherwise struggling to copy with standard curriculum, Drishti uses remedial education & behaviour modification principles in nurturing young students for NIOS exams via small group class settings.
Discover Your Future Path through Career Counselling
Drishti psychologists use a combination of standardized assessments to help you explore a match for your aptitude, interests and personality with possible future careers and chart a path for you to get there.