Success Is A Fruit Of Slow Growth

Initially, being a School Counselor was really difficult for me because of the new challenges and uncertainty that the role brings. You deal with multiple students on a fairly regular basis and are expected to coordinate with teachers and parents… There is no telling what may happen the next moment.

 It was overwhelming to think if  I would be able to handle the given position and complete my tasks successfully, both in a professional and personal manner. However, the adage  “Success is a fruit of slow growth” is also true for me and over time I was able to create a few success stories of my own. 

A boy and a couple of girls from grade 4 were referred to me for fighting and using harsh language for each other’s parents. While talking to them, I first heard all sides to show them that I was not being partial towards anyone. Following that we had a discussion on empathy, friendship and teamwork. I ended the session by reminding them of my availability for help whenever needed.

 After a few weeks the 3 students actually came up with a handmade greeting card for me that they had created together! I was very happy to see all three kids helping each other and working together as a team. Even after so many days, I can see those happy faces looking at me whenever I pass by the class, waving happily at me, randomly giving me hugs and sharing even the tiniest news of their achievements with me. It makes me really happy that even the simple act of listening out to our students can have such a lasting impact on them. 


Another instance is of me taking remedial classes. Taking a remedial class is still a big challenge for me. However seeing my students showing even a slight progress in their academics or behavior calls for a celebration. Recently, teachers and parents gave me positive feedback regarding the progress and increase in confidence of my RE students. In fact, one of the 10th grade students who could barely even make eye contact, now actually cracks jokes, pulls silly pranks and also helps out younger students. His confidence has skyrocketed these past few months. The same can be said for the other students. Their progress and confidence actually pushes me to try even harder. 


Lastly, there is another story that I would like to share.  A  parent referred her son with severe autism to me. My first challenge was to help him with his eye contact and communication. Since the parent wanted the sessions to be planned immediately, I quickly planned some easy communication activities using his favorite animated film “Toy Story”. I made some puppets using the printable characters. I also put a lot of dialogues and did voice modulation for him since he would imitate others a lot. The student responded positively to all the activities and rapport was built almost immediately!

These tiny achievements motivate me to go that extra mile for my students because as I mentioned earlier  “Success is a fruit of slow growth”

– By Poonam Rokade

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