Training and Development.

Training Programs
A dedicated cell within Drishti is responsible for development and delivery of all our training programs. Whereas some of these programs are currently available modules, such as the Certification training for Special Tutors, the various Parenting workshops, or Study Skills workshops for high school students, others are custom designed for specific needs of the target population.
With the use of technology we ensure that some of the more important training programs can be effectively delivered via a distance education mode. The Drishti training department faculty are not just domain experts but also experienced in delivery of programs to varied audiences.
To provide participants with training methodologies and specific personal skills that will assist them in developing and delivering effective training. The course is designed to enable the participants, specifically those working in research, teaching, management, development and donor agencies, to effectively develop, present and manage training programs.

Establishing a needs analysis

Developing training programs and manuals

Deliver the training program

Evaluate the training program

Continuous training, education and exposure to new people and ideas can lead to continuous improvement, motivation, and engagement.